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Working Paper: Moving Toward a Collective Definition of Challenging Courses and Curricula


This summary was generated from the MSP responses to the
first task at the MSP Learning Network Meeting when participants were asked to list
the attributes of Challenging Courses and Curricula. This document is the
first step in attempting to generate a MSP-wide definition of Challenging
Courses and Curricula. NSF asked that we post this document on MSPnet and
invite the MSP community to comment on which aspects of this document need
further consideration in order for the community to move toward a common
definition of Challenging Courses and Curriculum. Please click on the "add comment" button above to post your feedback.

NOTE: We are now discussing this document as part of a conversation amongst all MSPs about developing a shared vision of Challenging Courses and Curricula.

Visit the discussion now to read ideas from other MSP members, and to post your own thoughts.


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