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Edward Britton


  • Researcher 


Ted Britton is Associate Director of WestEd's National Center for Improving Science Education (NCISE). He has been with NCISE since 1991. Britton is a Principal Investigator or Senior Researcher for several major research projects, including an international study of new ways to support beginning mathematics and science teachers, and a national review of curriculum materials in technology education. Britton has authored or edited almost 20 books, reports, and curriculum products and has written more than 30 articles and papers.

His earlier NCISE research includes designing international procedures for analyzing curriculum materials during the Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), comparing high-stakes mathematics and science examinations across countries, and studying U.S. innovations in mathematics and science education. As Project Manager for Mary Budd Rowe of the University of Florida during the 1980s, he developed the first CD-ROM in science education and produced videotapes for the professional development of science teachers. During the late 1970s, he taught all the science courses for grades 7-12 at a rural junior-senior high school in Florida.

Britton earned a BS in chemistry and education, an MS in analytical chemistry, and an EdD in science education from the University of Florida. 


science education, curriculum analysis, teacher induction, international comparisons 


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Ted (Edward) Britton, Lynn Paine, Senta A. Raizen, David Pimm, Comprehensive Teacher Induction: Systems for Early Career Learning, Kluwer Academic Publishers and WestEd, 2003

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