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Thomas Corcoran


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Mr. Corcoran is co-director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE). Prior to joining CPRE, he served as Policy Advisor for Education for New Jersey Governor Jim Florio, Director of School Improvement for Research for Better Schools, and Director of Evaluation and Chief-of-Staff of the New Jersey Department of Education. He has served as a consultant to urban school districts and national foundations on issues of quality and equity. 


Mr. Corcoran's work has included studies of the use of research findings to inform policy and program selection, the codification and use of clinical expertise, the effectiveness of different approaches to professional development, improvement strategies for high schools, and the impact of changes in work environments on the productivity of teachers and students. He is currently principal investigator of studies of instructional coaching in mathematics and science being conducted in El Paso, TX and state teacher policies and teacher education reform being conducted for the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and head of a project to develop and test a toolbox for middle school math and science coaches supported by the Merck Institute for Science Education. He is a member of the National Research Council's Science Learning Study, the International Baccalaureate Organization's Research Committee, the New Jersey Quality Teaching and Learning Commission, the advisory committee for the Mathematics and Science Partnerships Knowledge Management Project supported by NSF and the Merck Institute for Science Education Critical Friends Group. 


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