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Dr. Xiaobo Yu




Ph.D. (1990) in Biology, Yale University. M.Sc. (1981) in Vertebrate Paleontology, Graduate School of the University of Science & Technology of China (The Chinese Academy of Sciences). Assistant Professor (91-94), College of New Rochelle. Assistant Prof./Associate Prof./Professor (94-06), Kean University. Acting Dean (July 1, 2006 - present), College of Natural, Applied & Health Sciences, Kean University. Conducted research and/or taught courses at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology (Beijing), American Museum of Natural History, Peking University, Yale University, Beijing Normal Univeristy, and the National Museum of Natural History (Paris). PI/PD (2004-09)NSF STEP Grant DUE-0431637: Epsilon Corps - Expanding STEM Talent Through Exploration, Mentoring and Sequenced Curricular Support.


Vertebrate paleontology, evolutionary biology, anatomy & physiology 


2006 ZHU, M., X. YU. W. WANG, W. ZHAO and L. JIA. A primitive fish reveals origin of cosmine in basal sarcopterygians. Nature. V.441, 77-80.

2004 ZHU, M. and X. YU. Lower jaw character transitions among major sarcopterygian groups - a survey based on new materials from Yunnan, China. pp. 269-284. In Recent Advances in the Origin and Early Radiation of Vertebrates, Special Symposium Volume of the 62 Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, ed. G. Arratia, R. Cloutier & M.V.H. Wilson. Verlag Dr. F. Pfeil, Berlin.

2002 ZHU, M. and X. YU. A primitive fish close to the common ancestor of tetrapods and lungfish. Nature. v.418:767-770 (August 15).

2001 ZHU, M. X. YU and P. AHLBERG. A primitive sarcopterygian fish with an eyestalk. Nature v.410, 81-84 (March 1).